Rules and Policies for Franklin Pride TN Events

*All Attendees will be required to wear a wristband which will be provided upon entering the Festival.  This wristband signifies that you agree to adhere to all our Rules and Policies.  Those under age 3 can receive an ink stamp.  Anyone without a wristband will be asked to leave.
*All Bags will be subject to being searched upon entry to the Event.  We encourage small and/or clear bags.
*We strongly recommend that anyone age 13 and under are accompanied by an adult. 
*Dogs are welcome. The City of Franklin requires that dogs are on leash at all times. 

*Attire/items with slogans, graphics, etc. must not conflict with the mission of Franklin Pride TN.  Attendees may not bring in materials of any kind for distribution or sale or display;  this includes but is not limited to items such as fliers, books, cards, concessions, wearable items, etc.

Alcohol Rules

*No Underage Drinking is Permitted.
*No Outside Alcoholic beverages are permitted.
*Over 21 wristbands will be available at the Welcome Tent and the Beer Tent.
*Drink tickets will be for sale at the Welcome Tent and the Beer Tent.  No Cash sales at the Beer Tent.
*Persons will not be allowed into the Event if they are intoxicated or pose a threat to themselves or others. 
*Please Drink Responsibly.

Lost Children and Lost & Found

*The Lost Child Station will be at the Welcome Tent. 

*Lost and Found is located at the Welcome Tent.

Additional Rules

*No fighting or threatening behavior; any person found fighting will be ejected from the festival.
*No disorderly or disruptive behavior will be tolerated.
*Anyone who is deemed to be not following the mission of Franklin Pride TN by words, action, materials, attire will be asked to leave the Festival grounds.
*Weapons are not allowed at the Festival.
*Any item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd, and/or inflict damage to people and/or goods are prohibited.
*All State and Local laws will be enforced.

The mission of Franklin Pride TN is to educate, inform and foster community that brings together LGBTQIA+ people and their allies in a social, non-threatening and empowering setting to uplift, educate and present positive images that help maintain a healthy, productive, and visionary community in Williamson County and surrounding areas.

Franklin Pride TN seeks to foster an environment where all citizens in Middle Tennessee feel safe to live openly. We encourage fellowship and support among participating businesses, professionals, individuals, and charitable pursuits in the LGBTQIA+ and allied communities. Franklin Pride TN exists to oppose prejudice in society at large.